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You have questions and we have answers.  If you don't see your question listed then feel free to call us or email us.  Our contact info can be found via a link at the bottom of this page.  Go ahead take a look at some of the more common questions - you might even learn a few interesting things you weren't looking for.

For Family

Are the sitters CPR certified? While the majority of our sitters have been through CPR / Red Cross Babysitter certification this is an annual certification and many of our sitters do not get re-certified annually
Can BabysitEase get me a nanny? Yes! We check with sitters that work with us currently if there are any interested in your opening. We will then create a marketing campaign just for your position to move from a pool of many (normally 50-100) candidates down to 3-5 for you to meet.
Can I get the same sitter each time? We do not guarantee the same sitter for your sits, and if you are looking for the same sitter it is best to request a consistent sit and as the sit continues a regular sitter may fall into place. Each time you schedule a sit going forward it emails your past sitters to help create some consistency for both families & sitters. If you have a long term sit request, we can help with a specific sitter, just give us a call to talk about it!
Does BabysitEase offer their services for special needs kids?

Yes we do. We pride ourselves with offering parents of special kids the same high quality sitters who have experience with children who may have specific requirements. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at any time.

How do you check your sitters? We meet every sitter for an in-person interview, speak with their past childcare, professional, and personal references. We also conduct an online social media review along with criminal records check.
How does BabysitEase work? BabysitEase is a babysitter placement service that helps parents with occasional, short term & long term child care. Once you have registered with the service you can get a sitter whenever you need one. You can log onto the website using your email address and the password you create when you register.
How much does BabysitEase cost? See our pricing page by clicking the link under 'Parents' in the footer of this page. 
Is there a way to confirm my sitter prior to the actual sit date? In addition to receiving an email profile, sitters will give you a 24-48 hour courtesy call to confirm.
What if a sitter is late or doesn't show up?

Call BabysitEase at (757) 689-8748 and we'll get working on a solution!

What if my sit request isn't filled? We have a fill rate around 97% for all of our sit requests, so we'll do our best to get you a sitter! But, in the case that we don't, we'll call you on your family phone number the day before the sit to let you know.
What is a longterm sit? A longterm sit is a request for the same sitter. We offer two options. A three month sitter buy out for $500 or a one year buy out for $1500. In a buy out relationship, you can speak with the sitter directly, use the sitter as often as needed, have full access to the sitter's schedule, negotiate sitter rate and utilize the sitter for tasks outside of childcare if agreed upon the start of the sitter buy out.
Why should I use BabysitEase? We do all the recruiting, interviewing, and qualifying of sitters over 18, so you don't have to! We save you time and stress by finding the best and brightest sitters and also scheduling them for you!
Will you protect my personal information? You are asked to provide a lot of information to BabysitEase during registration. You should feel comfortable knowing that we protect your information online utilizing many techniques and tools including individually unique user ids and passwords. We ask that you protect your user id and password by not writing this information down or giving it to others. We request this information to help our babysitters and families know a little more about the person coming into their home or the person whose home they will be entering. Please do not create dummy data but input the correct information so we can serve you better.

For Sitter

Can I bring my children with me on the sit? NO.
Can I care for children in my home instead of the family's home? NO.
Can I work for BabysitEase even if I don't have a car? NO.
Do I have to pay to be part of the service? NO.
How do I ensure the family will need me for the sit?

You will have the family's contact information and provide them with a 24-48 hour courtesy confirmation call. This call will help you and the family. 

What happens during bad weather conditions?

Our parents can cancel due to weather conditions in the last 24 hours without any last minute cancellation fees. There will be no refund for the scheduling fees for the sits that have been placed. If parents choose to cancel their sits because they aren't going to be heading out of the house or they don't feel comfortable having the sitters travel in the weather conditions, just give BabysitEase a call. We allow the sitters the same courtesy to cancel during this time as well.